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build your own workshop

this 5-week personalized workshop is designed for students who need an extra push on their creative writing projects (short stories, novels, essays, poetry, etc.), but may not have the time and energy for a more formal workshop setting. what we’re offering is a bit of customization: each week you choose the work, you set the goals, you do the work on your own schedule, and then our instructor david queen will meet with you at the end of the week for a 30 minute “check-in.” these check-ins will be personalized as well, tracking your progress, and drawing from whatever would best benefit your work—through encouragement, one-on-one instruction, verbal feedback, craft lessons, reading recommendations, and more. part intensive mentorship, part accountability program, this workshop aims to provide a more flexible option for writers of all levels.

5-week workshop: $150.00 ($30/session)


ongoing / meeting times based on student schedule

instructor: david queen

* time subject to change in order to better accommodate student time zones/schedules.

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