ottessa moshfegh workshop

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uh-oh, this might get weird. since her 2014 debut novella mcglue, ottessa moshfegh’s macabre, shocking, and often hilarious books have caused a stir across the literary landscape. yet beyond all of their shock value, moshfegh knows how to tell a story—claiming, in interviews, to draw heavily from the tried-and-true plot mechanics of crime novels and page-turning thrillers. in this 5-week fiction workshop, we’ll dive headfirst into the strange, dark worlds of mosfegh’s fiction, with the goal of bringing to life the strange, dark worlds of your own. 💀


fridays // august 6 - sept 3

8 - 10 pm EST / 5 - 7 pm PST

instructor: david byron queen

* time subject to change slightly based on student time zones/schedules.

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