since their debut with 1984’s blood simple, brothers joel and ethan coen have carved out their own unique cinematic world—a hybrid of screwball comedy, neo-noir, gothic americana, all with an ear for the united states’ quirkiest regional dialects and most disparate landscapes. as writers themselves, the coen bros have cited inspiration in authors like raymond chandler, flannery o’connor, william faulkner, and cormac mccarthy to name a few. in this 5-week film + fiction workshop, we’ll explore a selection of coen classics: raising arizona, fargo, the big lebowski, no country for old men, a serious man, and students will each write and workshop their own coen-esque  stories. expect readings, movie nights, special guests, and much more dont’cha know.

coen brothers workshop

  • online

    mondays // august 2-30 

    7-9pm (est)*

    instructor: david byron queen


    * time subject to change slightly in order to better accommodate student time zones / schedules

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