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word west aims to publish exciting new works of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and whatever else we feel like. from the best authors in the west and beyond.

dawg towne: a novel

alice kaltman

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june 1, 2021

no good for digging: stories

dustin m. hoffman

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december 3, 2019

collective gravities

chloe n. clark


july 7, 2020

secrets of the wild

dustin m. hoffman


november 5, 2019

not i

sebastian castillo


september 15, 2020

a study of frustration: poems

dillon thomas jones


june 22, 2021

word west 2021 chapbook series

september 7, 2021

beautiful, violent things

madeline anthes


shome dasgupta

the clarity of hunger

cheryl pappas

it's hard to say

claire hopple


doris w. cheng


grown ocean

matt mitchell


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