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our goal

to provide affordable, accessible, intensive, and fun, online classes for writers of all skill levels.

the truth is, we've been disappointed with many online educational options for writers: programs that charge top dollar only to cycle through as many students as possible with little personalized attention, and then leave those students behind once the class is done. that is not us. we are real people, working in the industry, with knowledge and skills we are committed to sharing with each and every one of our students. we hope to inspire a collaborative, warm, learning environment, where students feel comfortable to take risks in their work, and try on new ways of reading and writing they may not have previously imagined. even more than that, we want to exist as your go-to resource for all things literary, and you can expect us to be your biggest hype people for as long as we're around.

why we're different

writing and publishing today is different than it used to be. even 5-10 years ago. we understand this, and will act as both a resource for improving your work on the page, but off of it as well. writers nowadays have to not only produce great work, but do much of their own PR and promotion too. our approach incorporates all of this: everything from querying and MFA prep, to designing your own advertising materials, to promotion and navigating Twitter, to starting your own publishing company. 

special guests

special guests will be frequent. we will use our network to bring you the best and brightest minds from all aspects of the industry. this includes writers, publishers, editors, agents, publicists, designers, etc.

spring 2020 courses

seminar: start your own publishing co.

have you ever thought about starting your own indie publishing company? consider this your crash course. in 3 hours, we'll cover everything we've learned from doing it ourselves. this includes cover design, layout, choosing a printer, distribution, brand identity, managing submissions, marketing strategies, e-commerce solutions, soliciting blurbers, fulfilling orders, ISBNs, and more.

3-hour seminar: $75.00


march 14, 12-3 pm (est)

instructor: david queen

sign up here

short fiction workshop


embracing “plausible magic” in your fiction

plausible magic is a technique that suggests an unbelievable—and often surreal—scenario can arise from “believable” character action and reasonable narrative means. plausible magic is ordinary life rendered strange through the strength of the author’s vision. in this course, students will read and discuss the wonderfully bizarre stories of Alexandra Kleeman, Donald Antrim, Camille Bordas, Joy Williams, and more. They will also take turns bringing in their own “weird” stories each week to workshop—work that attempts to embrace the idiosyncratic weirdnesses in their authorial vision, and, on the page, makes the ordinary seem fresh and new.

class size: 8 max


class structure:
discussion of assigned reading: (15-30 mins)
workshop 1: (30 mins)

workshop 2: (30 mins)

special guest/generative exercise: (15-30 mins)

5-week workshop: $200.00 ($40/session)


wednesday 7 pm (est)*

march 18 - april 15

* time subject to change in order to better accommodate student time zones/schedules.

instructor: david queen

sign up here