our goal

to provide affordable, accessible, intensive, and fun, online classes for writers of all skill levels.

to inspire a collaborative, warm learning environment, where students feel comfortable to take risks and try new ways of reading and writing. more than that, we want to exist as your go-to resource for all things literary, and you can expect us to be your biggest supporters for as long as we're around.

why we're different

writing and publishing today is different than it used to be. even 5-10 years ago. we understand this, and will act as both a resource for improving your work on the page, but off of it as well. our approach incorporates all of this: everything from querying and MFA prep, to designing your own advertising materials, to promotion and navigating Twitter, to starting your own publishing company. 

special guests

special guests will be frequent. we will use our network to bring you the best and brightest minds from all aspects of the industry. this includes writers, publishers, editors, agents, publicists, designers, etc.

our current workshops can be found here