our goal

to provide affordable, accessible, intensive, and fun, online classes for writers of all skill levels.

the truth is, we've been disappointed with many online educational options for writers: programs that charge top dollar only to cycle through as many students as possible with little personalized attention, and then leave those students behind once the class is done. that is not us. we are real people, working in the industry, with knowledge and skills we are committed to sharing with each and every one of our students. we hope to inspire a collaborative, warm, learning environment, where students feel comfortable to take risks in their work, and try on new ways of reading and writing they may not have previously imagined. even more than that, we want to exist as your go-to resource for all things literary, and you can expect us to be your biggest supporters for as long as we're around.

why we're different

writing and publishing today is different than it used to be. even 5-10 years ago. we understand this, and will act as both a resource for improving your work on the page, but off of it as well. writers nowadays have to not only produce great work, but do much of their own PR and promotion too. our approach incorporates all of this: everything from querying and MFA prep, to designing your own advertising materials, to promotion and navigating Twitter, to starting your own publishing company. 

special guests

special guests will be frequent. we will use our network to bring you the best and brightest minds from all aspects of the industry. this includes writers, publishers, editors, agents, publicists, designers, etc.

spring 2021 courses

fiction + film

workshop 1



“ideas are like fish. if you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. but if you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper.”

— david lynch


what does it mean to be “lynchian?” the simple answer is that it comes from the mind of david lynch, legendary director of eraserhead, mulholland dr., blue velvet, among many others, as well as the creator of the cult tv show twin peaks. but the dark, cinematic dreamscapes of david lynch—which have thrilled and perplexed audiences for decades—aren’t so easily pinned down. “lynchian” as a concept and influence, can be found all over the culture at large—everything from the writing of ben marcus, and alexandra kleeman, to surreal tv shows like atlanta or true detective. in this 5-week hybrid film + fiction course, we will try and find an answer for what it means to “lynchian.” students will not only watch and discuss one david lynch movie per week, but they will also workshop their own “lynchian” fiction—work that finds inspiration in the surreal, the absurd, the mundane, the macabre, and everything in between.

class size: 8 max

short fiction workshop 2


joy williams

this should come as no surprise if you’ve seen our twitter account (or taken our classes), but joy williams is one of our very favorite writers. if you don’t already know her, joy williams maintains a singular presence in contemporary american fiction; her work combines the mundane with the fantastic, in ways that are strange, dark, biting, frequently transcendent, and always incredibly funny. in this 5-week workshop, we will celebrate and learn from all things joy, while pulling lessons from her work and applying them to your own stories to be workshopped each week in class.

class size: 6 max

5-week workshop: $200.00 ($40/session)


friday may 14 - june 18 7-9 pm (est)*

instructor: david queen

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5 week workshop: $200.00 ($40/session)


monday may 10 - june 14, 7-9 pm (est)*

instructor: david queen

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short fiction workshop 3

topic: experimental fiction


“every great story is experimental” - tobias wolff


what more can fiction do? how many other new, unexplored ways are there to tell a story? this is your chance to try your wildest, most ‘out there’ story ideas, to take risks and really push the boundaries of the fictional form. we’ll read people like alejandro zambra, blake butler, jesse ball, lydia davis, georges perec, and more—from ultra high-concepts, to the application of experimental techniques within more realist modes, we will explore anything and everything fiction is able to do and, hopefully, discover new possibilities in the process. 

class size: 6 max

5 week workshop: $200.00 ($40/session)


wednesday may 12 - june 16 7-9 pm (est)*

instructor: david queen

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workshop 4

topic: people / poems

this generative class will tackle the lyric 'I', the persona poem, and other poems centered on people or the person . . . we will go over tips on craft, especially revision, and discuss using different forms of poetry (e.g., cento, haibun, zuihitsu) to challenge yourself.  reading list will include francine harris, eileen myles, dorothea lasky, and others.

instructor: A Lambda Literary fellow, MICHAEL CHANG (they/them) was awarded the Kundiman Scholarship at the Miami Writers Institute. A finalist in contests at the Iowa Review, BOMB, NightBlock, & many others, their poems have been nominated for Best of the Net & the Pushcart Prize. Their chapbook Drakkar Noir will be published in 2021 by Bateau Press.

4-week workshop: $200 ($50/session)


tuesday may 11 - june 8 7-9 pm (est)*

instructor: michael chang

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* time subject to change in order to better accommodate student time zones/schedules.

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