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In Collective Gravities, something magical is always just beneath the surface—the zombie apocalypse happens, but the world stays relatively the same; a woman begins to feel the earth moving beneath her feet. In this fantastical, genre-bending collection, Chloe N. Clark launches readers from Iowa, to outer space, and back again. Lyrical, funny, and full of transcendent beauty, Collective Gravities is a cause for celebration: an astronomically gifted writer, who, in twenty-six stories, shows us an entire world (and beyond) full of heartbreak, hope, redemption, and wonder.

collective gravities

  • “Chloe Clark writes people who are a little bit broken, a little bit different, a little bit apart - and who take flight, soar, discover, are magic and brave and intrepid and big. I loved these stories and I loved Clark’s deeply hopeful voice.” -- Amber Sparks, author of And I Do Not Forgive You

    "Chloe N. Clark is a writer of terrific imagination and insight into the human spirit, and her COLLECTIVE GRAVITIES shimmers with wonder and light. Her characters have one foot on the ground and one arm toward the sky, and their fearless reaching (for the moon, stars, other places, other worlds) transcends our notions of what is possible. These are expansive stories of resistance and hope, resonant with a resiliency we need now more than ever." -- Sara Lippmann, author of Doll Palace

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