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A masterful, thoughtful, debut chapbook of short fiction, that finds magic and wonder in the everyday.


From "The Blue"


"Granny Chen invites Lanlan to her house by the cove. She has a room with a giant light in it. Its face is round and bright red. It used to be on top of the lighthouse, and it has seen many boats home.

The light has always been enlightened. It has never had the privilege of being lost. It is exactly where it should be."


Lyrical, surprising, funny, and emotionally resonant, Not a Place to Revisit is sure to satisfy fans of writers like Joy Williams or Lydia Davis, and fiction willing to explore the blurry, transcendental edges of our lives.


Yunya Yang is a writer born and raised in Central China. She moved to the US when she was eighteen. She writes about experiences of being an immigrant, a person of color, and a woman. Her work has appeared in Gulf CoastSplit Lip MagazineThe Baltimore Review, among others.

not a place to revisit

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