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publishers note (11/23/22):


On Thanksgiving Eve 2021, I had the immense joy of sending a publication offer to Gauraa Shekhar for her very first book, NOTES. One year later, she is no longer with us. But her spirit and memory will live on in these incredible pages. Today it’s truly an honor to open pre-orders and share the cover for Gauraa Shekhar’s NOTES (release date: May 2, 2023).


We miss you, Gauraa ❤️


— word west


"So wildly imaginative, and yet so open to all that is small, bright and counter. Deeply felt and often joyful, in its way. A beautiful, beautiful book." –– Rivka Galchen, author of American Innovations


“What a marvelous mobius band of a book. Too beautiful for blurbs. It's one of those books you'll read for the rest of your life.”

–– Paul Beatty, Booker Prize Winning author of The Sellout


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